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【Youqichen Electronics】Infineon Third Coolmos™ Series Products

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 SPU02N60C3-600V CoolMOS™ C3 Is the third Infineon CoolMOS™ Series products,to 2001 Listed。C3 Is the main force in the product portfolio

Feature description

  • Low specific on-resistance(RDS(on)* A)
  • The output capacitance is(E oss)@ 400V Time,Very low energy storage
  • Low gate charge(Qg)
  • Field-proven CoolMOS™ quality
  • from1998Since,Infineon began large-scale developmentCoolMOS™ technology

    Potential application


  • high efficiency,High power density
  • Very high cost/Performance ratio
  • High reliability
  • Easy to use



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