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Room 4B025a, Phase I, New Asia Electronic Mall, Futian District, Shenzhen

Company Profile

     Shenzhen Youqi Chen Electronics Co., Ltd.Mainly engaged in semiconductor, electronic components, integrated circuit products, electronic products, communications equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, computer software and hardware technology development and sales; domestic trade; operating import and export business. The company adheres to the principle of“Credit-based, quality first”For business philosophy; adhering to the creation“First-class letters, first-class quality, first-class service”Professionals specialize in providing one-stop service for manufacturers, research institutes and traders of electronic and electrical products at home and abroad. Through long-term development, the company has established excellent and lasting business cooperation relations with many well-known high-tech brand manufacturers and electronic contract manufacturers at home and abroad. Department, the goods provided by the company are strictly inspected before shipment, to ensure that the original original genuine.

     Perfect after-sales service system and more technical support make us the best partner of the majority of electronic contract manufacturers, electronic service manufacturers and brand manufacturers in spot and futures supply cooperation.

     Professional Agent Distribution of Original Authentic Products:ON、ST、TI、FAIRCHILD、IR/Infineon(英飞凌)、NXP、 TOSHIBA、RENESAS、VISHAY、MPS、SHARP、EVERLIGHT 亿光、LITEON 光宝、佰 鸿、ONTC、WS 永盛、FH 风华、YAGEO 国巨、SAMSUNG 三星、TDK、MURATA(村 田)、UniOhm(厚声) 、 ZYG(模块电源系列)、WMS(电感系列And so on.国内外品牌电子 元器件及增值产品。

     Major products includeIntegrated circuit, field effect transistor/MOS transistor, three-terminal voltage regulator, thyristor, optocoupler, power transistor/IGBT transistor, power supply IC, voltage regulator, household appliances IC, audio power amplifier, Schottky, fast recovery transistor, bipolar/triode, patch capacitor, patch resistor, plug-in resistor, varistor, thermistor, safety capacitor, thin film resistor Capacitance, bridge stack, optocoupler, crystal oscillator, relay, fuse, inductance, power module, etc.

     Product application coverageConsumer Electronics, Electric Bicycle, Automotive Electronics, Electronic Ballast, UPS Power Supply, Security, Communication Equipment, New Energy, Medical Equipment, Industrial Control…….等

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