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3w Zp03 Series Of Ac-dc Modular Power Supply

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ZP03 series products provide customers with an ultra-small size modular switching power supply. The output power of ZP03 Series modular power supply is 3W, with very low no-load loss (only for short).
0.1W, low leakage current is only 0.1mA, small volume (32.00*20.00*15.00mm), isolation voltage up to 3KV, etc. The product is safe and reliable with good EMC performance. The EMC and full specifications meet the relevant standards of IEC/EN61000-4, CISPR22/EN55022, UL60950/EN60950/EN60601. The series products are widely used in smart home, high-end lighting, medical, industrial control, office and civil industries. If they are used in poor EMC environment, they must refer to the application circuit.
  Product characteristics
Ultra-small volume, thickness only 1.5CM
. 宽电压输入(90-264 Vac,50/60Hz)
Low ripple, noise, output protection
Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss<0.1W
Semiconductor devices adopt the international ON first-line brand
3 years of quality assurance
  Specific technical specifications and parameters refer to the PDF Specifications issued by this site.


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